UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Year in Industry: Project

Course Title

Level Four
Credits 1.5
Course Tutors Professor Eli Keshavarz-Moore
Assessment Report (80%)
Practical work feedback (20%)


Working for a year in industry enables the student to fulfil the requirements for a master level biochemical engineer degree by learning on the job:

  • Biochemical engineering practice learned in an industrial environmentDepth of advanced engineering knowledge by working along industrialists on complex industrial projects
  • The ability to design whole bioprocess operations
  • The ability to design and undertake independent research projects
  • The ability to validate bioprocesses
  • The ability to employ knowledge gained through previous studiesThe ability for self assess the work performed in the year in industry by putting it in context with the economic and scientific background and relevant research
  • The ability to present complex contexts clearly in writing

The extensive written report will help the student to re-evaluate their practical gained knowledge and will put it in the context of the latest academic findings, the newest advances in industry and the environmental, ethical and social impact.

In the report the student will describe their hands on experience. They will demonstrate the ability to use industry relevant applications of engineering analysis.

By working in industry the student will have acquired the capability to work and learn independently and to be self-reliant. Again this should be reflected in the report.


The student will spend a period of 9 to 15 months in a company performing (a) project(s) with emphasis on bioprocessing. Throughout the Year in Industry the student will be supervised by the industrial supervisor on a day to day basis. The departmental supervisor will be in regular contact with the student and his/her industrial counterpart: at least once per months online, e.g. by Skype, or via phone and two site visits during the year. One visit will be in the first 2 months of the project, the second one in March/ April.

To prove the required learning outcome the student will submit an extensive written report. The report should give a clear picture of the project(s) performed, the technical, economic and scientific background of the work and show the understanding of the project and its implementation.

The industrial supervisor will be issued with the departmental requirements on the placement project(s) and the assessment guidelines (documents attached) before the start of the work placement to guarantee that the project(s) are in line with the departmental requirements and academically concise. The project description will be submitted by the student together with the host company at least a month before the start of the placement and assessed by the Teaching Committee with regard to the learning outcomes.

Method of Delivery

This course is part of the Year in Industry experience of the student. During the year in industry the student will work as part of a professional team alongside an industrial supervisor on one large project or a number of smaller projects. The project(s) will allow the student to get experience in and learn about bioprocessing and engineering practice.

The experience of the year in industry will be summarised in a written report. The report will help the student to review the learning outcome of his time in industry. The report will be as well a measure for the industrial and the departmental supervisors to fully recognise the understanding for the learned skills and knowledge.