UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Biochemical Engineering Study Abroad

Course Title BENGM013
Year Four
Credits Four
Course Tutors Dr Martina Micheletti
Assessment Marks reported by the host institution will be converted into four UCL equivalent marks each corresponding to one course unit.

Successful completion of core course units in previous years of study at UCL.


To provide undergraduate students with experience of advanced study and life in an approved European or Overseas academic institution.

Learning Hours

Normal contact hours for the chosen courses for a full-time student at the host institution. Students are also obliged to keep in regular contact with their UCL tutor and departmental exchange scheme co-ordinator via email.


Students will undertake a study programme at the host institution comprised of:
•    research or design project,
•    graduate level biochemical (or process) engineering courses,
•    senior level technical elective courses (e.g. science, maths etc.),
•    free elective courses.

Approximately equal workload (e.g. credit hours) should be assigned to each of the above areas. Detailed arrangements will vary between the various host institutions but should not differ significantly from the above. The total workload, including contact hours, private study and assessment, should be equivalent to that of a normal full-time student in the host institution. Selection of the above courses is subject to the approval of the host institution and UCL’s exchange scheme co-ordinator.