UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Advanced Bioprocess Business Plan and Enterprise Implementation

Course Title BENGM020
Year Four
Credits 0.5
Course Tutors Professor Eli Keshavarz-Moore
Assessment Essay/workshop studies (40%)
One report & oral presentation (60%)


The course is designed to train the students in entrepreneurial leadership in biologically-based industries.  It consists of two elements.  The first element focuses on the practical application of a business plan for new ventures.  It centres on bioprocessing of new products and their potential realisation into real outcome via a viable business.  The second element is designed to introduce the students to the key aspects of implementing the objectives of a business plan once appropriate funding has been obtained. 

Learning Hours


Lectures: 20h
Workshops: 20h


In the first element, interactive workshops will provide a range of lectures on how to run a business and how to make it successful.  The topics will include implementation of research into development and then manufacturing, alliance strategy, long term financial planning and project management and implementation.  These will be illustrated by means of studying case histories of companies in the life sciences sector.

In the second element, the students will work in groups to implement/troubleshoot the outcome of an existing business plan in life sciences.  Workshop sessions act as surgeries to the ‘new companies’.  Each session will focus on a different aspect of company set-up including feasibility study, financial appraisal and market research and marketing strategy, operational and manufacturing needs.