UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Bioprocess Design Study

Course Title
Credits 0.5
Course Tutor
Professor Suzy Farid
Project report (90%)
Oral presentation (10%)


This course is designed to apply biochemical engineering knowledge gained in earlier courses to the complete design of a bioprocess plant for the production of biotech products arising out of life science discoveries. Such products would typically include biopharmaceutical products arising out of Phase II clinical trials.

Learning Hours


Lectures and tutorials: 40h
Posters and oral presentations to industrial board: 10h


The students work in groups but each student undertakes individual tasks contributing to the final group report. The students will be presented with a novel life science target with a guide to desired production scale and indication of market potential (e.g. clinical efficiency and patient scope). They will prepare a literature appraisal report as the foundation to the design stages. 

(a) Creation and analysis of a bioprocess. This first part of the accredited design study will define the process options to be considered based on literature appraisal. The output will be the process flowsheet definitions, completed mass and energy balances across the total process and an appraisal of equipment sizes/scales. A detailed description of flow (flowsheet plus report) and process recommendation report will be the key outputs. 

(b) Economic appraisal. This section will develop abilities in fast evaluation and analysis of bioprocess design problems. It will include aspects of project scheduling, economic appraisal (COG, NPV, IRR) and sensitivity analysis to predict impact of uncertainties.