UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Bioprocess Analysis

Title BENG104P
Level One
Credits 0.5
Module Tutor Dr Dan Bracewell
Assessment Criteria Coursework: 20%
Unseen Examination: 80%
Prerequisites None


To provide the basic principles of bioprocess analysis and design. This will be achieved by first introducing students to the concept of whole bioprocess sequences and process flow sheets. Mass and energy balance techniques for the key unit operations within the bioprocess sequence will then be considered.

Learning Hours


Lectures: 30h
Seminars/problem classes/tutorials: 10h
Laboratory/studio: 10h
Independent project work: 18h
E-learning/tutor led contact: 30h
E-learning/student led contact: 10h


The following is a summary of lecture content and key components of the course:

  • Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering (4 hours): Overview of Bioprocessing, Biological Systems and Molecules, Biochemical Reaction Engineering, Products and Process Design Case Study.
  • Bioprocess Analysis (6 hours): Engineering Calculations, Processes and Variables, Mass Balance Fundamentals, Reactions and Stoichiometry, Energy Balance Fundamentals.
  • Primary Separation Processes (7 hours): Introduction to Solid-Liquid Separations, Homogenisation, Centrifugation Case Study I & II, Microfiltration Case Study I & II, Case Study Review.
  • Chromatography (8 hours): Chromatographic Beds and Beads, Modes of Action, Analysis of Chromatography, Adsorption Isotherms, Case Study Mass Balancing in Chromatography.
  • Formulation and Product Dose Forms for biological medicines (2 hours)
  • Summary and Revision lectures (3 hours)