UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Dr Lourdes Velez-Suberbie

Post-doctoral Research Associate


  • PhD in Biochemical Engineering. University College London
  • MSc in Biochemical Engineering. University College London
  • Diploma in Human Nutrition. Universidad Iberoamericana
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Biotechnology. Universidad Iberoamericana

Research Interests

My research interests lie in bioprocesses, developing optimal small scale fermentation which facilitates downstream processes. My project aims to test in fermenters a new generation of E. coli protein export platforms based on the Tat pathway instead of Sec pathways. In addition, I use ultra-scale down (USD) techniques to mimic downstream processes to compare the performance of the cells expressing proteins.

My previous research involved mammalian cell culture and the development of analytical techniques to characterise mammalian cell physiology during fermentation; and the use of computational fluid dynamics to simulate the hydrodynamic environment in the bioreactor.

Selected Publications

Alanen H. I., Walker K. L., Velez-Suberbie M. L., Matos C. F.R.O., Freedman R. B., Keshavarz-Moore E., Ruddock L. W. and Robinson C. (2014), Efficient export of human growth hormone, interferon α2b and antibody fragments to the periplasm by the Escherichia coli Tat pathway in the absence of prior disulfide bond formation. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, in press

Tait, A. S., Tarrant, R.D.R., Velez-Suberbie, M. L., Spencer, D. I. R. and Bracewell, D. G. (2013), Differential response in downstream processing of CHO cells grown under mild hypothermic conditions. Biotechnol Progress, 29: 688-696

Velez-Suberbie, M. L., Tarrant, R. D. R., Tait, A. S., Spencer, D.I.R. and Bracewell, D. G. (2012), Impact of aeration strategy on CHO cell performance during antibody production. Biotechnol Progress, 29: 116-126

Tarrant, R. D. R., Velez-Suberbie, M. L., Tait, A. S., Smales, C. M. and Bracewell, D. G. (2012), Host cell protein adsorption characteristics during protein A chromatography. Biotechnol Progress, 28: 1037-1044.