UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering

Dr Marco Marques

Dr Marco Marques

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dept of Biochemical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Oct 2013

Research summary

Marco has an established track record in engineering and scale-up/down of fermentation and biocatalytic processes. He has particular expertise in the translation of traditional biocatalytic reactions and reactors into flow systems. His research interests focus on the use of microfluidic device for bioprocessing. 

He is working in close collaboration with Sigma Aldrich (Member of Merck Group) and other companies to implement microreactor technologies in bio-based manufacturing processes.

Marco is a Review Editor for Frontiers Marine Biotechnology.

Teaching summary

Marco's teaching activities span all years of the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes operated by the department. At undergraduate level he teaches Fluid Flow and Mixing in Bioprocesses (Year 1). He also lectures on Introduction to Biochemical Engineering Processing and Design (Year 1), Biochemical Reaction Engineering (Year 3), and in the UCL Integrated Engineering Programme modules Design and Professional Skills (Year 1) and the Challenges (Year 1) . 

At Master level he contributes to Bioprocess Microfluidics (Year 4). 

At the post-experience level, he is involved in the MBI® training module Rapid Fermentation Process Design and lectures in the EUROMBR training course on Innovative microbioreactor applications in bioprocess development. 


Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa
PhD, Biotechnology | 2010
Universidade Lusofona
LCT, Biotechnology Engineer | 2004


Marco is a Teaching Fellow at UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering and Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (AMIChemE). 

He obtained his PhD in Biotechnology from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, 2010) in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on the application of small scale devices to carry out steroid bioconversions. During his post-doctoral studies at the Institute of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (Lisbon, Portugal, 2010-2013) he established the use of marine bacteria to produce secondary metabolites before joining Professor Nicolas Szita’s group at the Department of Biochemical Engineering (UCL) in 2013.