UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Jack Jeffries Appointed Lecturer in Biocatalysis and Biocatalyst Engineering

25 January 2022

We're very pleased to announce that Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UCL Biochemical Engineering Dr Jack Jeffries will be taking on the role of Lecturer in Biocatalysis and Biocatalyst Engineering this spring

Dr Jack Jeffries UCL

Jack studied Biochemistry at UCL followed by a Masters in Synthetic Biology. Moving to the Biochemical Engineering department he carried out research for his PhD on Functional Metagenomics. In collaboration with industry, he used next-generation sequencing data from metagenomic samples, to identify, clone and assay novel enzymes, for fine chemical production.

After completing his PhD, he took up the role of Lead Scientist at the biotech start-up company Axitan, spun out from the Biochemical Engineering department. After 2 years at the company designing and implementing the cloning and expression platforms, he returned to UCL to undertake a Postdoctoral research fellowship. In collaboration with an industrial sponsor, Jack designed expression systems for whole-cell glucuronidation of pharmaceutical compounds.

In terms of research, Jack is interested in the discovery of novel enzymes from metagenomic sources and will be looking to place this on a high throughput basis, utilising the automation platforms at UCL. Combining enzyme discovery with expression system design, Jack hopes to exploit the power of biocatalysis to create fine chemicals in a sustainable manner utilising renewable feedstocks. He is looking forward to pursuing the goal of sustainable production at the Manufacturing Futures labs at UCL East.

His new role as Lecturer in Biocatalysis and Biocatalyst Engineering will include Delivering the 1st year undergraduate core module Biochemistry and Molecular biology and leading the development of biocatalysis and sustainable bioprocess research at the MFL.