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Paper on Enriching leukapheresis by Elsa Noaks published in Molecular Therapy journal

1 March 2021

EngD research student Elsa Noaks had just had her article titled "Enriching leukapheresis improves T cell activation and transduction efficiency during CAR T processing" published in Molecular Therapy Methods & Clinical Development

Elas Noaks UCL Biochemical Engineering

CAR T-cell therapies have achieved unparalleled success in the treatment of relapsed and refractory blood cancers. Typically, CAR T-cell manufacture relies on the collection and modification of white blood cells taken from the patient they are to treat. This means that the composition and quality of starting material can vary, increasing the likelihood of manufacturing process failure. To help manufactures anticipate processing issues and adapt, this study explored the effect of specific cell populations on CAR T-cell production and product quality. Read the full article here: