UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Clone of Research tools

We apply several tools in UCL Biochemical Engineering, including USD (ultra scale-down), High Throughput Bioprocess Design, Synthetic Biology, Decisional Tools and MBI and Vision training
Gloved hand operating USD ultra scale-down device

Ultra scale-down

Bringing cost-effective and scalable biomanufacturing into the lab, addressing the need for robust, low-cost initial studies in early-stage process development.

Biochemical Engineering apparatus

High throughput bioprocess design

Creating novel biochemical engineering investigative tools and fundamentals speeding the discovery of bioprocesses for manufacturing at scale of new therapies and products of industrial biotechnology

Biochemical engineering synthetic biology scientists at fume hood

Synthetic biology

Creating complex, biologically based and biologically inspired systems which display functions that assist and enhance bioprocessing; and to create new pathways, molecules and genetic networks.

Gloved hand holding pipette

Decisional tools

Integrating business and process models to maximise investments and deliver affordable medicines