UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Brenda Parker at New Scientist Live 2017

2 October 2017

Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering at UCL, Dr Brenda Parker, was one of four speakers at the New Scientist Live at ExCeL London on Saturday 30 September. Brenda joined Alex Pearlman (King's College, London), Jenny Molloy (University of Cambridge) and Mark Roberts (Queen Mary University of London) on the Engineering stage to discuss DIY science – biohacking and community labs, in a talk organised by The Biochemical Society.

"As biotechnology becomes cheaper and easier to access, there is great potential for experimenting and innovation.

Community labs and citizen science schemes give the opportunity for new collaborations across disciplines and the chance for exciting new projects.

The ability to “hack” biological systems and to create genetically modified organisms has possibilities in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, renewable energy, recycling, art, textiles, drug manufacture, and sport –amongst others.

Moving away from traditional research institutes means that everyone can access these technologies, paving the way for local, personalised projects and wider access across the globe."