Biochemical Engineering


About Us

UCL Hub Vision

  • By 2025 targeted biological medicines will transform the precision of healthcare prescription, improve patient care and quality of life.
  • The current “one-size-fits-all” approach to drug development is being challenged by the growing ability to create stratified and personalised medicines targeted to specific sub-populations and even individuals.
  • Without significant manufacturing and supply innovations, the promise of targeted healthcare will remain inaccessible for many. The impact on health and well-being is profound.
  • The Hub will be the first globally recognised consortium for the creation, delivery and dissemination of innovative manufacturing research, underpinning cost-effective, robust manufacture, supply and delivery of targeted therapies.
female scientists in lab at fume cupboard

UCL Hub Collaboration and Deliverables

The Hub will work with its network of users and academics to deliver the vision, with the core research focusing on:

  • Grand Challenge 1: Transforming supply chain management and economics for targeted biotherapeutics with novel computational decision-support tools
  • Grand Challenge 2: Sustainable manufacturing for future targeted biotherapeutics with novel bioprocesses, analytics and control algorthims

This paradigm shift in manufacturing practice will provide the manufacturing infrastructure needed for sustainable healthcare.