Biochemical Engineering


The Team

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The research team at the Centre is highly multidisciplinary to address the complexity of research challenges. It links physical science and biological disciplines with engineering and social sciences. 

  • Biological sciences - structural biology, protein engineering, pharmacy
  • Physical Sciences - chemistry, formulation science
  • Engineering - biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, process automation, industrial engineering, computer science
  • Social Science - economics and health economics

The research team is supported by an administrative team that includes experts on bioprocess training, knowledge transfer and project management.

Academic and administrative staff 

Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker
Prof Suzanne Farid
Professor Paul Dalby
Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou
Professor Nina Thornhill
Professor Stephen Morris
Professor Stephen Brocchini
Dr Karen Smith
Mr Imran Sayed
Mr Andrew Davidson
Dr Sofia Simaria

Postdoctoral research associates 

Dr Richard Allmendinger
Dr Teresa Barata
Dr Nesrine Chakroun
Dr Spyridon Gerontas
Dr Simyee Kong
Dr Songsong Liu
Ebenezer Tetteh
Yang Yang