Biochemical Engineering


Our research

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Overarching research challenge

To enhance fundamentally the way in which new biomolecules and processes are developed for manufacture and delivery to the patient.

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Mode of Operation

60% of the funding is directed to two core flagship research programmes that will create, prove and disseminate decision-support tools to select the best manufacturing lifecycle pathway from the bulk agent to the final medicine for use by the patient.

Flagship 1
Flagship 2

The remaining 40% of funding is directed to platform activities which cover research, training, networking and knowledge transfer. Platform research provides a flexible approach to building our position as the leading centre for collaborative research in the innovative manufacture of macromolecular therapies and to investigate significant new areas of process research related to biopharmaceutical manufacture.

Platform funding is available to external UK academics for feasibility studies aligned to the Centre’s strategy link and for PhD studentships through the Centre for Doctoral Training. Information on how academics outside the Centre can engage with the centre is provided in the link below.