Biochemical Engineering


Dr Jelena Ruscic

Post-doctoral Research Associate


  • Diploma (Masters ecv.), Molecular Biology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia (2007)
  • PhD, Biology (Virology), University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia (2014)

Research interests

My research interests lie in application and development of chromatography based approaches for virus and viral vector purification and analytics. Currently, I am working with two viral vectors, Ad5 and Lentivirus, that are used in gene therapy.   My previous research involved the development of a chromatography based concentrating method for improved Potato spindle tuber viroid RT-qPCR detection, chromatographic separation of individual plant viruses present in the same sample as well as application of monolith chromatography in Ad5 analytics. 


  • Ruščić J, Gutiérrez-Aguirre I, Tušek Žnidarič M, Kolundžija S, Slana A, Barut M, Ravnikar M, Krajačić M (2015) A new application of monolithic supports: The separation of viruses from one another. Journal of Chromatography A 1388; 69-78
  • Ruščić J, Gutiérrez-Aguirre I, Urbas L, Kramberger P, Mehle N, Škorić D, Barut M, Ravnikar M, Krajačić M (2013) A novel application of methacrylate based short monolithic columns: Concentrating Potato spindle tuber viroid from water samples. Journal of Chromatography A 1274; 129–136.
  • Cerni S, Skoric D, Ruscic J, Krajacic M, Papic T, Djelouah K, Nolasco G (2009) East Adriatic – a reservoir region of severe Citrus tristeza virus strains. European Journal of Plant Pathology 4:701–706.
  • Černi S, Ruščić J, Nolasco G, Gatin Ž, Krajačić M, Škorić D (2008) Stem pitting and seedling yellows symptoms of Citrus tristeza virus infection may be determined by minor sequence variants. Virus Genes 36:241–249.

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