Biochemical Engineering


Dr Victoria Roberton

Post-doctoral Research Associate


  • PhD in Neuroscience, Cardiff University (2009-2014)
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology, University of Surrey (2005-2009)

Research interests

My research is focussed on regenerative medicine, specifically cell therapies for the repair of central nervous system damage as a result of disease or injury. I am currently investigating olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) as a potential cell therapy product for transplantation to the injured spinal cord, in order to promote regrowth of axons at the site of injury. This includes characterisation of cell product for transplantation and determining safety and efficacy in vivo prior to clinical translation.

Previously I studied primary and stem cell derived neuronal precursor transplants as a potential therapy for Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease. This included pre-clinical research on improving graft survival and demonstrating functional efficacy following transplantation in animal models of disease, and developing the translation of these cell therapies to the clinic.


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