Biochemical Engineering


Dr Stephen Morris

Post-Doctoral Research Associate


Dr Stephen Morris
  • Ph.D. in Biophysics, King’s College London, University of London
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Microbiology, University College Cardiff, University of Wales

Background and Research Interests

I come from a protein chemistry/cell biology background, working for many years on multi-protein complexes, intracellular trafficking machinery and ion channels. This led to my interest in the cell biology of viruses and the use of this knowledge in the generation of new vaccines.

I have worked in academic institutions in the UK, Germany and USA, and then spent a number of years developing VLP based vaccines in the UK Biotech Industry before returning to academia at UCL.

My current research focus is on the optimisation and automation of the methods for recombinant vaccine production as part of the Ultra-low cost, Transferable Automated Platform for Vaccine Manufacture (ULTRA),project. Which aims to create a generic, low-cost, manufacturing platform that standardizes the development and production of new recombinant protein vaccines for less than 15 cents a dose.

Dr Stephen Morris

Dr Stephen Morris


  • Research Associate
    Dept of Biochemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL