Biochemical Engineering


Rana Khalife (Teaching Fellow)

Teaching and Training Activities

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Rana’s current teaching activities include the 3rd year undergraduate modules in the Regenerative Medicine Minor: Advanced Materials, Devices and Manufacturing Processes for Regenerative Medicine; and Design and Manufacture of Regenerative Medicine Drug Products. Rana is also involved in the Introduction to Biochemical Engineering module for 1st year undergraduates.


  • Sharma,VS; Khalife,R; Tostoes,R; Leung,L; Kinsella, R; Ruban,L; Veraitch, FS. Early retinal differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells in microwell suspension cultures. Biotechnology letter,2016.  
  • Khalife,R.; Hodroj ,M;Fakhoury, R. Rizk,S. Thymoquinone from Nigella sativa Seeds Promotes the Antitumor Activity of Non-cytotoxic Doses of Topotecan in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells In Vitro.Planta Medica, February 2016. 
  • Khalife,R.; El-Hayek,S; Tarras,O.; Hodroj ,M; Rizk,S.The Anti-Proliferative and Pro-apoptotic Effect of Topotecan in Combination with Thymoquinone in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia,2014;14:46-55.

Miss Dr Khalife

Miss Dr Khalife


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