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"Connectivity is our strength"

The VISION programme aims to be the nexus for the leaders of the biological sciences industry to hear and debate the latest technological and business developments in the sector.


UCL is ranked as one of the top ten world universities and the leading London-based university. The Department of Biochemical Engineering is acknowledged as the UK Centre of Excellence in the field. We pride ourselves in our ability to strategically partner with industry leaders to create innovative programmes.

In collaboration with our partners including Actavis Biologics, Cell Therapy Catapult, GE, Pall, UCB, we have developed VISION, a highly innovative training programme for executives in the bio industries.

What is VISION?

The VISION Programme is designed to develop long-lasting relationships between academia and industry. Your business can help define our 'cutting-edge' agenda and help to shape our future direction.

This is a challenging time for global industry and, through partnership with us, you can get the VISION to help you and your company succeed.

Benefits of the VISION Programme

We are uniquely positioned to capture the synergies between science, technology and business practice. You will benefit from rigorous intellectual analysis and intensive, practical, peer-to-peer action-based learning. As a result, you will take away the tools you need to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and global leadership in your organisation. Our rolling portfolio of events means that you can enjoy a flexible, on-going approach to your learning.

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