Biochemical Engineering


Engineering Experience Courses 

Students in pilot plant

YEAR 11 (S4) and 12 (S5)

Choosing what to do at university can be a daunting experience and, while biochemical engineering sounds very exciting, how do you know it's right for you? We have partnered with two educational charities to provide an four day engineering experience course which we offer to Year 11 and 12 students.

These courses are a great way of enhancing your UCAS application and giving you a taster of what biochemical engineering is all about. During your time with us we’ll take you through the steps involved in making new vaccines, antibiotics and stem cell therapies.

Students will explore major biochemical engineering issues such as:

  • How are bioreactors best operated to support growth of cells to produce new therapeutic materials?
  • How can new medicines be produced economically?
  • What routes should be explored to develop new vaccines?
  • What are the challenges behind effective tissue engineering?

Team studies will be used to tackle these and other issues that will face the biochemical engineer of the future.

Which course should you attend?

If you’re in Year 11 then you should select the Residential Course in Biochemical Engineering run by the Smallpeice Trust.

Year 12? Then the Headstart Course run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) is for you.

Both the Smallpeice Trust and the EDT charge a fee for these courses. We recommend that if you have attended one of these courses, you should not attend the other.