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We have held many events over the last couple of years thanks to our funding from UCL Grand Challenges. It has been really interesting to meet so many teachers and parents across London and to share experiences of raising bilingual and multilingual children.

Multilingual Families

A workshop for parents at the Greek Independent School of Finchley.

The event was well-attended and many interesting questions about raising multilingual children were raised.

Dr Froso Argyri

Dec 2019

UCL Brain Power Logo

#BrainPower at the UCL Neuroscience Festival

We would like to warmly invite you to this upcoming event on Saturday 22nd June.

This is a family friendly and public event.  As well as seeing us there you will have the chance to take part in lots of interactive stalls and activities, meet other Neuroscientists and learn more about the brain!

More information can be found on the event page.

Froso Argyri and Li Wei speaking at the UCL Festival of Culture

Multilingualism in Childhood: Language, Cognition & Brain

UCL Festival of Cultre

Dr Froso Argyri & Prof Li Wei

June 2019

Talk to the LSE Parent and Carers Network

Raising Multilingual Children

A talk for the London School of Economics Parents and Carers Network

Dr Froso Argyri

May 2019

talk to the icelandic community

Raising Multilingual Children: Focus on Icelandic

A talk in collaboration with the Icelandic Society of London

Dr Froso Argyri

May 2019

a talk at the St Panteleimon Hellenic College in Harrow

Childhood multilingualism and ways to support minority languages, focusing on Greek.

A talk for parents at the St Panteleimon Hellenic College in Harrow.

Dr Froso Argyri

March 2019

talk at the Clube dos Brasileirinhos

Multilingual children

A talk for parents of children attending Brazilian Portuguese classes at Clube dos Brasileirinhos.

Dr Froso Argyri

March 2019

Picture of the seminar at L'ecole des Copains

Language acquisition in childhood

A seminar for parents

L'ecole des Copains (French Community School)

February 2019

Dr Andrea Revesz

Talk At the Francis Crick Institute

Raising multilingual children

A seminar for parents.

Francis Crick Institute February 2019

Dr Froso Argyri and Dr Merle Mahon in collaboration with Madiha Sajid (UCL PACT Chair).

Merle Mahon giving talk at Greig Academy

Multilingual Children

A seminar for parents

Greig Academy

Dr Merle Mahon

December 2018

Froso speaking at Czech School

Childhood multilingualism

A seminar for parents.

Czech School Without Borders.

Dr Froso Argyri.

November 2018

Froso Argyri speaking at the ESRC festival

Multilingual children

A seminar for multilingual families in Bath as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

Dr Froso Argyri in collaboration with Prof. Xiao Lan Curdt-Christiansen (Bath Central Library).

November 2018

Froso giving a talk at the Francis Crick Institute

Multilingual Upbringing

A seminar for parents.

Francis Crick Institute,

Dr Froso Argyri

October 2018

Froso Argyri and Merle Mahon talking at the Grand Challenges Showcase Event

UCL BiLingo takes part in UCL Grand Challenges event.

Read a blog post about UCL BiLingo and watch the YouTube video.

BiLingo presentation on a screen

Bilingualism research and its implications for school contexts.

UCL BiLingo workshop for secondary school teachers at the Greig City Academy.

June 2018

Bubble diagram of widely spoken languages at UCL

Acquiring more than one language in childhood.

A talk to the Forest Hill Parents Group.

May 2018

UCL BiLingo at Croydon

Bilingual / Multilingual Children

Dr Froso Argyri, Dr Ana Pellicer-Sanchez and Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT group).

A workshop for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 teachers.

May 2018

Moray House, Edinburgh

Deafness, Spoken Language Acquisition and Learning English as an Additional Language (EAL)

A one day CPD workshop on deafness, spoken language acquisition and learning English as an additional language (EAL).

Dr Merle Mahon

Moray House, University of Edinburgh

May 2018

Froso at Czech School…

Heritage Language Learning

A workshop for the teachers of the Czech School Without Borders

Dr Froso Argyri

May 2018

danish school

Childhood bilingualism/multilingualism: How can we support heritage languages?

A talk for parents and teachers of the Danish Saturday school in London at the Danish church.

Dr Froso Argyri

March 2018

Boys Playing

Bilingual and Second Language Acquisition

A workshop for teachers: Dr Andrea Revesz discussed bilingual and second language acquisition in childhood with teachers.

Maple School, St Albarns

January 2018

2017 Events
Talk to Japanese Parents…
Acquiring more than one language in childhood. A workshop for Japanese-speaking parents at West Action primary school.  Supported and organised by the Japanese PTA in collaboration with the school. Dr Froso Argyri; July 2017
BiLingo Founding Members…
Exploring Multilingualism in London.  A talk at the UCL Festival of Culture. June 2017
Talk at West Acton School
Childhood bilingualism/multilingualism. A workshop for parents of the West Action primary school. Dr Froso Argyri; June 2017
Czech School Talk for Parents…
Raising bilingual and multilingual children.  A workshop for the parents of the Czech School Without Borders. Dr Froso Argyri; June 2017
Attendees of Talk at Czech School Without Borders
Bilingualism/Multilingualism.  A talk for teachers at the Czech School Without Boarders. Dr Froso Argyri; May 2017.
UCL BiLingo at Croydon

A talk on bilingual and multilingual children and heritage language maintenance. Dr Froso Argyri and Croydon Council's Family Learning Department; March 2017; Croydon Library.

Mum reading to a child
Advice for Bilingual Families. A talk to the Waltham Forest Bilingual Group. Dr Froso Argyri. November 2017
Talk in Hungarian School 2…
Childhood Bilingualism/multilingualism and Heritage Language Maintenance.  A talk for the Hungarian community at the Hungarian Cultural Centre. Dr Froso Argyri & Dr Andrea Revesz; October 2017


2016 Events
Understanding and Supporting Bilingual Children. An information session for parents organised by the ICH Mums & Dads Group. Dr Froso Argyri; November 2016.
Hello in different languages
Bilingualism/Multilingualism & English as an Additional Language.  A training session for teachers and teaching assistants. Dr Froso Argyri and Dr Merle Mahon; October 2016.