The Better Conversations with Aphasia team have successfully published a number of articles linked to this project.  These publications are freely available, just click on the links below.

Beeke, S., Beckley, F., Johnson, F., Heilemann, C., Edwards, S., Maxim, J., & Best, W. (2014) Conversation focused aphasia therapy: Investigating the adoption of strategies by people with agrammatism. Aphasiology  DOI:10.1080/02687038.2014.881459

Beeke, S., Johnson, F., Beckley, F., Heilemann, C., Edwards, S., Maxim, J & Best, W. (2014) Enabling better conversations between a man with aphasia and his conversation partner: Incorporating writing into turn takingResearch on Language and Social Interaction, 47-3, 292-305.

Beckley, F., Best, W., Johnson, F., Edwards, S., Maxim, J., & Beeke, S. (2013) Conversation therapy for agrammatism: exploring the therapeutic process of engagement and learning by people with aphasia. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 48-2, 220-239.

Beeke, S., Beckley, F., Best, W., Johnson, F., Edwards, S. & Maxim, J. (2013) Extended turn construction and test question sequences in the conversations of three speakers with agrammatic aphasia. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 27 (10-11), 784–804.