Focus Groups

Speech and language therapists

During the course of the project we ran focus groups with SLTs to ensure that the design and content of our e-learning resource is what SLTs are looking for from a learning tool. 

The SLTs who contributed worked in the Greater London area and have varying degrees of experience in using conversation based interventions for people with aphasia. 

The SLT focus group gave us vital feedback as the e-learning resource developed, for example recommending types of learning activities and ease of navigation through the resource. 

People with aphasia

We also wanted to involve people with aphasia in the development of our e-learning resource so we ran a series of focus groups with people with aphasia at Connect. 

The group consisted of six people with aphasia who met on six occasions during the 18 month period. 

The focus group has been really influential in helping with the design of our website, not least in helping to choose the name!