Bentham Project


The Bentham Newsletter

The Bentham Newsletter was replaced by Utilitas in May 1989. Scanned PDF versions of the Newsletter, from 1978 to 1988, are available to download below.

Number 1, May 1978

L.J. Hume, Revisionism in Bentham Studies.
J.H. Burns, Dreams and Destinations.
J.R. Dinwiddy, A Report on the Project.
P. Schwartz, A Report on the Editorial Work in Progress.
D. Jackson and D. Lieberman, Bentham Bibliography - Part I.

A. Goldsworth, Bentham on the measurement of Subjective States.
A.D.E. Lewis, John Austin (1790-1859): pupil of Bentham.
J.R. Dinwiddy, Bentham's Letters to John Herbert Koe.
F. Rosen, The Constitutional Code: The New Version.

 (Conference Issue)

S. Hollander, The role of Bentham in the early development of Ricardian theory.
L.J. Hume, Bentham's theory of fictions.
W. Roberts, Bentham's poor law proposals.
F. Rosen, Bentham on democratic theory.

J.R. Dinwiddy, The Bentham Project, 1978-80.
J. Steintrager, Language and Politics: Bentham on Religion.
A.T. Milne, The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, 1788-97.
M. James, Work in Progress: Bentham's Political Writings 1788-95.
T. Ball, Was Bentham a Feminist?
L. Campos Boralevi, In Defence of a Myth.
T. Ball, Bentham No Feminist: A Reply to Boralevi.

E.J. Eisenach, The Dimension of History in Bentham's Theory of Law.
A. de Avila-Martel, The Influence of Bentham on the Teaching of Penal Law in Chile.
T.L. McKennan, Benthamism in Santander's Colombia.
A-E. Perez Luno, Jeremy Bentham and Legal Education in the University of Salamanca during the Nineteenth Century.
F. Rosen, Bentham's Letters and Manuscripts in Greece.

M. James, Bentham on Voter Rationality.
E. Schoorl, Bentham, Say and Continental Utilitarianism.
I. Christie, A Possible Location of Missing Letters of Jeremy Bentham.
M.J. Smith, The Papers of Jeremy Bentham in the United States of America.
I. Doolittle, Jeremy Bentham and Blackstone's Lectures.
L.J. Hume, Work in Progress: Numbers II and III of The Constitutional Code.

D.D. Raphael, Bentham and the Varieties of Utilitarianism.
J.M. Robson, Which Bentham was Mill's Bentham?
R. Harrison, The People is my Caesar.
P. Jones, The Museum is Welcome to Them - if not Let them be Burnt.

J.H. Burns, Jeremy Bentham: From Radical Enlightenment to Philosophic Radicalism.
J.R. Dinwiddy, Bentham and the Early Nineteenth Century.
W.L. Twining, Why Bentham?

D. Lieberman, Bentham's Digest.
J.E. Crimmins, Bentham's Religious Writings: A Bibliographic Chronology.
P.M. Kitromilides, Jeremy Bentham and Admantios Korais.
F. Rosen, A Note on Bentham and Korais.

M. James, Bentham's Democratic Theory at the time of the French Revolution.
I.R. Christie, Jeremy Bentham and Prince Potemkin.
R. Richardson, Bentham and `Bodies for Dissection'.
W.L. Twining, Bentham's Writings on Evidence.

T.P. Schofield, A Comparison of the Moral Theories of William Paley and Jeremy Bentham.
J.E. Crimmins, Strictures on Paley's Net: Capital Punishment and the Power to Pardon.
J. Semple, Bentham's Haunted House.
S.R. Conway and T.P. Schofield, A Visit to Bentham February 1831.
C. Atkinson, The Jeremy Bentham Silhouette Rings.

D. Long, Censorial Jurisprudence and Political Radicalism: A Reconsideration of the Early Bentham.
R.D. Collinson Black, Bentham and the Political Economists of the Nineteenth Century.
A.D.E. Lewis, Bentham and the Right to Silence.