Bentham Project


Bentham Street, Adelaide

During December 2015, the Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society held their 34th annual conference at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. The Director of the Bentham Project, Professor Philip Schofield, was one of the keynote speakers, and while in Adelaide he did not pass up the opportunity to visit Bentham Street (many of the streets of Adelaide are named after prominent utilitarians and radicals, as well as members of UCL's founding Council, owing to their involvement in the European colonisation of South Australia).

Bentham Street can be seen in the pictures below and is, sadly, somewhat less impressive than the rather grander Grote, Wakefield, and Currie streets. Mill Street is, at least, of a similar size.

Bentham Street1

Bentham Street2

Bentham Street3

Bentham Street4

Bentham Street5