Centre for Behaviour Change


MSc Behaviour Change

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We support students through lectures, interactive workshops, collaborative group work, a research project and formative feedback to apply evidence, theories and methods from behavioural science to a range of practical problems such as sustainability, health and social problems. Our students have exciting career pathways ahead of them working in government and other public bodies, NGOs and corporations. 

The MSc Behaviour change was incredibly thought provoking and insightful. It was a very rewarding experience which puts you at the forefront of this excitingly new discipline.

Examples of MSc project topics:

  • Reducing gender-based violence in international development
  • Rainwater harvesting in Mexico
  • Increasing consumption of plant-based food barriers Improving communication about mental health between children and health care professionals
  • Factors influencing believing and spreading fake news
  • Barriers and facilitators of cervical testing

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