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Advice to government in the coronavirus crisis

Professor Susan Michie (Director, CBC) joins a panel of experts to discuss SAGE evidence and  transparency, asking how can government balance the scientific and economic advise around the coronavirus crisis?

The full discuss is available via the Institute for Government's Inside Briefing Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts:

Inside Briefing Podcast


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Achieving Behaviour Change: a guide for local government and partners - launch webinar

Public Health England webinar launch for the ABC Guide for local and national partners – April 2020

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Applying behavioural science to policy and interventions: a tool for collaboration

Professor Susan Michie’s keynote presentation at the 2nd BeSP Symposium: Behavioural Insights in Developing Public Policy Interventions (2019) 

Changing behaviours through society

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation at the 2019 International Convention on Psychological Science

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Understanding Motivation

A series of lectures presented by Professor Robert West on the broad principals of motivation and its role in behaviour. 

CBC hosted event: A Cultural Tonic: Using the parts to promote health

This seminar focused on raising awareness and understanding how to; (i) engage with, and experience, the arts in a way that can lead to better health (i.e. art as health behaviour); and (ii) art-based interventions to improve health related behaviours and outcomes (i.e. art as a health intervention).

Intro + Dr Daisy Fancourt, Wellcome Research Fellow - 'Psychological, physiological, social and behavioural research into the effects of the arts on health'

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Jules Ford, Senior Programme Manager & Matt Pearce, Public Health Lead, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group - 'Social Prescribing and Cultural Commissioning: Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group'
Dr Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, King's College London, Researcher to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing - 'Creative Health: results from a two year political inquiry'

Designing Effective Behaviour Change Interventions

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation from the 10th Duodecium International Symposium (2018)

Designing more effective public policy to change behaviour: the contribution of behavioural science

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation to the Finnish Psychological Society (2018)

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