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Achieving Behaviour Change: a guide for local government and partners - launch webinar

Public Health England webinar launch for the ABC Guide for local and national partners – April 2020

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Applying behavioural science to policy and interventions: a tool for collaboration

Professor Susan Michie’s keynote presentation at the 2nd BeSP Symposium: Behavioural Insights in Developing Public Policy Interventions (2019) 

Changing behaviours through society

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation at the 2019 International Convention on Psychological Science

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Understanding Motivation

A series of lectures presented by Professor Robert West on the broad principals of motivation and its role in behaviour. 

CBC hosted event: A Cultural Tonic: Using the parts to promote health

This seminar focused on raising awareness and understanding how to; (i) engage with, and experience, the arts in a way that can lead to better health (i.e. art as health behaviour); and (ii) art-based interventions to improve health related behaviours and outcomes (i.e. art as a health intervention).

Intro + Dr Daisy Fancourt, Wellcome Research Fellow - 'Psychological, physiological, social and behavioural research into the effects of the arts on health'

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Jules Ford, Senior Programme Manager & Matt Pearce, Public Health Lead, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group - 'Social Prescribing and Cultural Commissioning: Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group'
Dr Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, King's College London, Researcher to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing - 'Creative Health: results from a two year political inquiry'

Designing Effective Behaviour Change Interventions

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation from the 10th Duodecium International Symposium (2018)

Designing more effective public policy to change behaviour: the contribution of behavioural science

Professor Susan Michie’s presentation to the Finnish Psychological Society (2018)