Centre for Behaviour Change



CBC Core Team

Professor Susan Michie

Professor Michie is Centre Director and Professor of Health Psychology. Susan's research focuses on understanding behaviour change theoretically, developing methods for designing effective interventions and how translating evidence into practice. She works with a wide range of disciplines, practitioners and policy-makers.

Email: s.michie@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Paul Chadwick

Dr Chadwick is Deputy Director at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, as well as a Trainer and Consultant Clinical and Health Psychologist with expertise in behaviour change for adults and children, changing eating and activity behaviours, diabetes, sexual health and atypical sexual development, intervention and treatment evaluation.

Email: p.chadwick@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Fabiana Lorencatto

Dr Fabiana Lorencatto is the Research Lead at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, and is also an honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Research, City University of London. Fabiana's primary research interests are in designing behaviour change interventions aimed at changing the behaviours of healthcare professionals to improve clinical practice. She also has expertise in process evaluation methodology, specifically the assessment of intervention fidelity.  

Email: f.lorencatto@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Lou Atkins

Dr Lou Atkins is Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, as well as  a researcher, trainer and consultant in behaviour change intervention design and evaluation in health and environmental sustainability. Lou leads the CBC's Australasian hub and is co-author of the book Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions.

Email: l.atkins@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Jeremy Oliver

Dr Jeremy Oliver is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. He has extensive experience of initiating and leading on organisational behaviour change interventions while on the Civil Service Fast Stream programme and working in a City law firm. Jeremy's primary research interests are in organisational behaviour change for wellbeing and he recently completed a randomised controlled trial of an online goal-based self-help intervention to improve employee wellbeing.

Email: jeremy.oliver@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Leslie Gutman

Leslie Gutman is Programme Director and Senior Lecturer of the MSc in Behaviour Change, as well as Senior Research Associate for the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) and Associate Editor of the Journal of Adolescence. Her research interests include developmental transitions in adolescence and young adulthood, the study of risk and resilience, mental health and wellbeing, aspirations and attainment and school-based interventions. 


Dr Danielle D'Lima

Danielle is Senior Teaching Fellow for the MSc Behaviour Change. She was previously part of the Department of Applied Health Research at University College London where she researched how interactions between different types of evidence and processes at the professional and organisational level influence decisions to introduce or roll out innovations in acute and primary care within the UK National Health Service. Danielle has a PhD from Imperial College London on the influence of performance feedback on professional behaviour change in healthcare. The PhD took a multidisciplinary approach drawing upon psychological theory, medical informatics and health services research and incorporating both qualitative and quantitative components.

Email: d.d'lima@ucl.ac.uk

Lucas Michaut

Lucas Michaut is the Teaching Administrator for the newly created MSc in Behaviour Change. He previously taught Behaviour Change to postgraduate students at Bangor University and is fascinated about the topic. His research interest lays in Behaviour Change and Decision Making and he is planning on doing a PhD in Behaviour Change in the upcoming years. 

Email: l.michaut@ucl.ac.uk

Beth McKinnon

Beth is the Centre Administrator for the CBC. Beth joined UCL in September 2018, having previously been held the position of Administrative Advisor Research for the School of Engineering at RMIT University.

Email: b.mckinnon@ucl.ac.uk

CBC Committees

The Centre is advised and supported by the following formal committees;

CBC Advisory Board

Provides high-level strategic advice and input into the development of the Centre.

CBC Executive Committee

Responsible for operational guidance and thematic leadership of the Centre programme.

CBC Associates

Dr Caroline Wood

Caroline is an Associate Consultant, and previous Assistant Director of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. Her research interests focus around behaviour change methodology, intervention design and evaluation.

Email: caroline.wood@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Rachel Carey

Rachel is an Honorary Research Associate in the Health Psychology Research Group and an Associate Consultant of UCL's Centre for Behaviour Change.

Email: rachel.carey@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Benjamin Gardner

Lecturer in Health Psychology with a research focus on the role of non-conscious, automatic processes in behaviour (e.g. habits) and the implications of this concept for behaviour change

Email: b.gardner@ucl.ac.uk

Professor Robert West

Professor of Health Psychology and world expert on smoking cessation and addiction, with a focus on the role of motivation in behaviour change

Email: robert.west@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Carmen Lefevre

Dr Lefevre an Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. Carmen's research focuses on appearance based cues to behaviour and risk perception.

Email: c.lefevre@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Angel Chater

Dr Angel Chater is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL and a Reader at the University of Bedfordshire where she leads the Centre for Health, Wellbeing and Behaviour Change.  She is a Chartered Health Psychologist and Chair of the Health Psychology in Public Health Network (HPPHN).  Her research investigates behaviour change to enhance subjective wellbeing, with a focus on intervention design and communication skills for effective delivery.  She has applied experience as a Health Psychologist to Specialist Obesity Services at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, with a focus on bariatric surgery.  She is also an experienced Trainer and specialises in the education of professionals in applied health, specifically in the areas of motivational interviewing and behaviour change.