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New paper on Young People's Involvement and Under-Representation in Mental Health Research

2 July 2024

This paper provides a practical resource for researchers considering involving young people in the research process, and suggests what data should be collected to improve reporting on the diversity of the young people involved.

Workshop with young people

Full title: Understanding and Defining Young People's Involvementand Under‐Representation in Mental Health Research: A Delphi Study

Authors: Rachel Perowne, Sarah Rowe, Leslie Gutman

The mental health of young people (aged 16–25 years) is a growing public health concern in the UnitedKingdom due to the increasing numbers of young people experiencing mental health difficulties, with many not in contact withmental health services. To design services that meet the needs of all young people, a diversity of young people must be involvedin mental health research, beyond being participants. This Delphi study generated an agreed‐upon definition of under‐representation, an identification of when in the research process there is under‐representation and the characteristics of the young people who are under‐represented. Experts further agreed on demographicdata that should be collected to improve reporting on involvement.

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