Centre for Behaviour Change


Healthcare professionals needed for research on healthcare complaints management

15 July 2022

Get involved in research – help us make an impact! An opportunity to take part in research that directly informs policy.


Have you made or dealt with a healthcare complaint within the last five to ten years? You may be eligible to take part in a study to share your thoughts and experiences of how your complaint was managed.

Researchers at UCL and Newcastle University are looking to explore how healthcare professionals respond to patient complaints which could help improve the complaints system.

We are recruiting healthcare professionals who have experience dealing with a complaint within the last five to ten years.

Note: Participants must not have an active case.

Inclusion criteria

  • Aged +18
  • Live in England
  • Have experience making or responding to a healthcare complaint within the last 5 to 10 years
  • Have access to Microsoft Teams or a phone (either landline or mobile phone)

What does participation involve?

Taking part in an online interview with a researcher for approximately 45 mins (to an hour). All conversations are confidential and anonymous.

If you are interested in taking part, please email one of the following researchers: Beckie Gibson (beckie.gibson@ncl.ac.uk) or Dr Vivi Antonopoulou (v.antonopoulou@ucl.ac.uk).

Research Team
Associate Prof. Paul Chadwick (UCL), Dr Vivi Antonopoulou (UCL), Dr Carly Meyer (UCL), Beckie Gibson (Newcastle University) & Prof. Angel Chater (UCL).

This study has received full ethical approval from the UCL Ethics Committee (reference: 20295.003)