Centre for Behaviour Change


Behavioural and Social Science in Public Health Case Studies

14 June 2021

CBC is collaborating with the Behavioural Science Public Health Network (BSPHN) and Public Health England Behavioural Insights to develop case studies showcasing examples of innovation and good practice in the use of behavioural and social sciences to address public health issues. We are inviting submissions for eligible case studies to be hosted on the BSPHN website. This call for case studies is part of the implementation plan for the Behavioural and Social Science Strategy in Public Health.

Criteria for case studies:

  • May be work that has been completed, or ongoing.
  • Must involve applying behavioural or social science theory, models, frameworks or methods into practice. Research studies which do not include some form of practical implementation or a clear pathway to influencing practice  will not be considered.
  • Submitted case studies will be reviewed by members of the Behavioural and Social Science Strategy in Public Health Oversight Group to ensure they fulfil the criteria.
  • Can involve initiatives in national and local government, and across the four nations.
  • Must be no more than 2 page long using single line spacing and Arial 11 point.

Please download and complete the template on this page and submit case studies by and 1st July to treasurer@bsphn.org.uk

Download BPSHN Case Study Template here

Questions about the case studies

If you are not sure about whether your work would be suitable for a case study please contact Paul Chadwick (p.chadwick@ucl.ac.uk).