Centre for Behaviour Change


Guide to using the Behaviour Change Wheel in Local and National Government

28 January 2019

The Centre for Behaviour Change - in collaboration with Public Health England Behavioural Insights Team - are producing two guides to support teams in Local and National Government to apply the Behaviour Change Wheel.

PHE Guide

These brief guides will provide an accessible introduction to the use of the Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW) tailored to the types of issues facing National and Local Government. Each guide will be illustrated with examples demonstrating how to apply the different stages of the BCW to typical issues faced in each context.

Contribute to the development of the guide

We are looking for case studies for inclusion in the guides. If you have experience of using the Behaviour Change Wheel (or associated tools or frameworks such as the COM-B or Theoretical Domains Framework) in local or national government and would like recognition for your work through inclusion in the guide then please contact CBC Deputy Director Paul Chadwick (p.chadwick@ucl.ac.uk) to discuss your work. Potential case studies do not have to be full applications of the BCW process, and could be work-in-progress.

We are also looking for representatives to serve on the Expert Reference Group for the development of the guide. This will involve helping to steer the content of the guides and commenting on drafts.