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Influencing Motivation

19 September 2024, 10:00 am–4:00 pm

International Training Programme Advanced

Join us virtually for this advanced module on influencing motivation, facilitated by Professor Robert West. This full day session will be interactive and include plenty of time for discussion.

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Centre for Behaviour Change

Influencing motivation is often key to achieving behaviour change. That may mean shaping people’s plans, values, desires, and/or habits. Professor Robert West, a founder of the PRIME Theory of motivation and the COM-B model of behaviour will guide participants step-by-step on a tour of human motivation and how it can be influenced through education, persuasion, reward, punishment, imitation, rules, environmental cues, providing support and by training habits and self-regulation skills. It will also address how we can build resistance against to attempts at manipulation by vested interests. The module will be interactive and include plenty of time for discussion. It will cover practical examples of motivational influence in a range of areas relating to human health and wellbeing, and offer participants an opportunity to discuss motivational interventions in their areas of interest. 

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