Centre for Behaviour Change


Centre for Behaviour Change OLD

Harnessing expertise across disciplines to address societal challenges



The Centre for Behaviour Change conducts cutting-edge theoretical and applied research in the science of behaviour change. The centre's mission is to build a comprehensive scientific understanding of behaviour and behaviour change.



The CBC offers evidence based consultancy on behaviour change and related topics. The centre has its roots in health but has evolved to have a much broader focus. We are a core team of experts in behaviour change all of whom have an academic research background.



We offer bespoke training workshops and courses to introduce participants to the principles of behaviour change and demonstrate how these can be applied to a range of practical problems, from supporting change amongst patients and health professionals to planning and supporting change in organisations and communities.

Study Behaviour Change


The CBC offers an MSc in Behaviour Change and a third year undergraduate introductory module to the topic that is open to students from any discipline. Our courses prepare you for a career in the growing field of behaviour change across sectors and industries.