Centre for Behaviour Change



We offer Hubs to enable researchers, practitioners, and policymakers with a shared specialist interest in a subject area to connect. We aim:

  • To facilitate engagement between academics and partners across public, third, commercial and government sectors
  • To support access to academic expertise
  • To facilitate and support cross-disciplinary research activity, events, discussion of ideas and exchange of news and information

Hubs are 'member-led' initiatives under the umbrella of the CBC, with guidance and support from the CBC.




Australasian Hub

The CBC's Australasian Hub, led by Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Lou Atkins, was set up in July 2015. The aim is to harness the interest in behaviour change in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia by providing training, research collaboration and consultancy.

Digital Health Hub

The Digi-Hub is connecting professionals interested in digital health and behaviour change through an online hub network. The digi-hub has links to the latest research, listing of digital health events, a weekly blog, and provides a forum for members to seek project collaboration opportunities.

Organisational Behaviour Change Hub

The Org-Hub is an ongoing development, aimed at connecting professionals and academics interested in organisational behaviour change. The Org-Hub plans to be a hotspot for the latest research, and insights from applications in industry, with regular communications. The Org-Hub will provide fora for members to seek collaboration opportunities.

The key contact for the Org-Hub is Dr. Paul Chadwick, Assistant Director at the CBC (p.chadwick@ucl.ac.uk).




The Enviro-Hub is a network for anyone with expertise or interest in understanding and changing behaviours that affect the environment. The Enviro-Hub was launched in 2019 at UCL and aims to create a space for researchers, policy makers, industries and citizens to interact and connect skills, ideas and resources.