Centre for Behaviour Change


CBC Research Seminar Series: Behaviour Change - Evidence into Policy

Start: Jun 25, 2015 05:00 PM
End: Aug 01, 2015 09:00 PM

The aim of this seminar series was to increase understanding of the relationships between evidence and policy, and to improve communication between researchers and policy-makers; helping evidence become more policy-relevant and policy become more evidence-based.

Seminar 1: What is Policy-Relevant Evidence?

25th June 2015


Listen to the podcast of -

D O'Reilly's talk

M Kelly's talk

Seminar 2: Evidence into Policy: Case Studies

7th July 2015


  • Professor Robert West (UCL Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group)
  • Dr Susan Kenyon (Transport for London)

Listen to the podcast of -

R West's Talk

S Kenyon's Talk

Seminar 3: Changing Behaviour: Scientists and Policymakers

22nd July 2015


  • Professor Susan Michie (UCL Centre for Behaviour Change)
  • Professor Theresa Marteau (Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge)

Listen to the podcast of -

S Michie's Talk

T Marteau's Talk