Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Your Application

Your application will be assessed on the basis of past and projected academic performance and your academic reference. Due to the unique nature of Arts and Sciences (BASc) we will request eligible applicants to submit a questionnaire. Applicants have one week from the receipt of the questionnaire to return it to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at UCL. We understand that your personal statement on the UCAS form will address the subject(s) to which you are applying in other departments or institutions and we will therefore focus primarily on your questionnaire responses and not your UCAS personal statement.

On your UCAS application, you must indicate your choice of major pathway, which you should choose with reference to the qualifications you have and your personal interests.

Your application should provide evidence that the majority of the following qualities are applicable to you:

  • Prepared for critical enquiry and in-depth academic work across a broad intellectual spectrum
  • Interested in engaging in wider societal, cultural and global issues 
  • Interested in careers involving leadership, social entrepreneurship and intercultural exchange 
  • Prepared to think critically and creatively to seek new connections between types of knowledge 
  • Interested in combining non-standard areas of study in your degree. 

If you fulfil our entry criteria, you will be invited to an open day. At the open day you will be given a lecture and a 90 minute test on the lecture immediately afterwards. There will also be the opportunity to meet staff, ask questions and to discuss your suitability for the programme. Applicants based outside of the UK will be required to watch the same lecture and take the same test online at set dates throughout the year.

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility to the programme or queries about the programme, then please contact us via email at basc-admissions@ucl.ac.uk. Use the links below to click through to the next sections: