Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Dr Christian Spielmann

Christian is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Economics and a director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics (www.ctale.org). Since September 2016 he has also been Senior Pathway Representative for the BASc Societies Pathway. Alongside his work at UCL, Christian is a choral conductor and currently leads a London-based chamber choir.

Christian has been educated at Birkbeck College (UK), University College London (UK), the University of St. Andrews (UK), the University of Hamburg (Germany) and at the Lübeck Academy of Music (Germany).

As social scientist, Christian is particularly interested in public policy (with a focus on education and inequality), the economics of globalisation (especially migration and trade) and the link between economics and the environment. Christian often takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying these topics and enjoys collaborations across disciplines in both his research and his teaching.

Teaching plays an integral role in Christian’s work. He often trials and produces new teaching materials and novel teaching technologies. Currently, he is part of the teaching and learning committee for CORE ECONOMICS, he provides consulting services to publishers on teaching strategies and materials and he is an associate of the Economics Network, where he trains teaching assistants and university lecturers all over the UK and abroad.

Christian says: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the BASc team to contribute to this really exciting programme. Thinking outside the disciplinary box and training students to integrate different perspectives is a way to better understand the world we live in and to respond to the current challenges we face. This is exactly the approach the BASc programme is based on.”