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We asked [student] to stay on with us for a few extra weeks, to which she readily agreed. [She] is a great asset; genuinely happy, committed, enthusiastic, keen to contribute and pass on new ideas, apply her global knowledge and intellectual integrity, basically she has made herself indispensable(!) I have to say that we are equally impressed by [student], who has blended in seamlessly to our team too. She also demonstrates a great number of the positive attributes and work ethics that we value, so overall we are delighted with the BASc undergraduates this summer. (Prescient - 2018)
Natalie Flintoff…

Support Available

All Arts and Sciences BASc degree students are supported by the dedicated BASc Internships & Vacancies Team at UCL Careers if they wish to undertake an internship.

Internship Case Studies…

Case Studies

Not sure why you should undertake an internship? Read comments from some previous BASc students to find out more. 

Things To Think About…

Things to Think About

The internship should be seen as a preparation for the world of work. Undertaking an internship means you will be going through recruitment processes and will be encouraged to practise and reflect on this experience as much as the skills you gain during the internship itself.

The placement service delivered by UCL was outstanding and the calibre of business acumen demonstrated by our intern has far exceeded expectations. (Kmera)