Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Societies Final Year choices

Please note the selection below is only indicative of the choices available to you under the Societies pathway during your final year. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints shown on the previous page.

codetitlecreditsprerequisitemodule leveltaught

Feature Writing in a multi-media world: journalistic skills for the digital age

15 Level 6Term 1
ANTH0190Writing about International Affairs15 Level 6Term 2
ANTH****A range of social anthropology  modules from the Anthropology department15Check course catalogue for prerequisites for each moduleLevel 6 modules onyTerm 1 or Term 2 (depending on the module selected)
ARCL****A range of modules from the Institute of Archaeology15 Level 6 modules onyTerm 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
BASC0031Ecosociologies: Theory, Analysis and Action*
15BASC0016, ANTH0076, GEOG0022, GEOG0044, GEOG0055, SOCS0038 or Political Ecologies of the AmericasLevel 6Term 2
BASC0037Rethinking Capitalism15 Level 6Term 2
BASC0039Disability, Chronic Illness and Neurodivergence in the Contemporary Society15 Level 6Term 2
CEGE0025Engineering and International Development 15 Level 6Term 1
GLBH0004Conflict, Humanitarianism and Health15 Level 6Term 2
GLBH0005Global Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases15 Level 6Term 2
GLBH0007Anthropological Perspectives on Global Health15 Level 6Term 2
ECON0050Economics of the Public Sector15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6Term 2
ECON0051Economics of Regulation15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6Term 1
ECON0052Environmental Economics15 Level 6Term 2
ECON0053Economics of Tax Policy 15ECON0002, ECON0095 or 65% in SESS0007Level 6Term 1
EDPSXXXXCommunicating Knowledge: Possibilities and Opportunities15 Level 6Term 2
ESPS0018Political Violence and Intrastate Conflicts15 Level 6Term 1
HIST****A range of modules from the History department15 / 30At least HIST1008B would be an advantageLevel 5 and 6 modules are availableTerm 1 or Term 2. Or Terms 1 & 2 (depending on the module selected)
HPSCXXXXA range of modules in Science and Technology Studies are available15 Level 6Term 1 or Term 2 (depending on the module selected)
ITAL0022Nation, Culture and Society15 Level 6Term 2
LAWS3***A range of modules from the Laws department30 Level 6Terms 1 & 2
MSIN0060Global Entrepreneurship15 Level 6Term 1
MSIN0147Project, Programme and Portfolio Management15 Level 6Terms 1 & 2
PHIL3***A range of modules from the Philosophy department15 Level 6Term 1 or Term 2
POLS0034British Parliamentary Studies 15Any POLS moduleLevel 6Term 2
POLS0035Strategies of Terrorism15 Level 6Term 2
POLS0038Discourses and Practices of International Development15 Level 6Term 1
POLS0019International Security15 Level 6Term 1 or Term 2
POLS0020Politics of the European Union15 Level 6Term 1 or Term 2
POLS0021International Development and Public Policy15 Level 6Term 2
POLS0022Gender and Politics15 Level 6Term 2
POLS0023Global Environmental Politics 15 Level 6Term 2
POLS0026International Organisations 15 Level 6Term 2
POLS0043 or POLS0045International Political Economy15 Level 6Term 1 or Term 2
POLS0028Welfare Politics 15 Level 6Term 1
SESS0063International Trade15SESS0007 & SESS0008Level 6Term 2
SESS0039Topics in Financial Management15SESS0020Level 6Term 1
SESS0040Topics in Financial Management II 15SESS0039Level 6Term 2
SESS0002International Macroeconomics15SESS0021Level 6Term 2
SESS0042Economics of the Family15SESS0020Level 6Term 1
SESS0044Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy30 Level 6Terms 1 & 2
SESS0046European Security30SESS0012Level 6Terms 1 & 2
STEP0001Introduction to Science, Technology Engineering and Public Policy15 Level 6Term 2
STEP0002Engineering for Society: Practicing Policy Entrepreneurship15STEP0001Level 6Term 1
STEP0003Science, Technology and Engineering Advice in Practice15 Level 6Term 2
STEP0004Clean Energy and Development15 Level 6Term 2
STEP0005Communicating Science for Policy15 Level 6Term 2
STEP0007Negotiation and Diplomacy 15 Level 6Term 2