Arts and Sciences (BASc)



The BASc programmes use the Honours Degree Progression and Award Requirements in the UCL Academic Manual, (Chapter 4, Section 9: Progression and Award)

The UCL rules relating to progression and resits are driven by the following award and classification rules:

Y000 BASc Arts and Sciences

  1. You must take and complete 360 credits.
  2. You must pass 330 credits.
  3. You must pass at least 90 credits of Level 6 modules.

Y001 BASc Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad

  1. You must take and complete 480 credits.
  2. You must pass 435 credits.
  3. You must pass at least 90 credits of Level 6 modules.

Failure to meet all of the above means that the relevant degree will not be awarded.

The rules for each year of your degree programme are designed to help you reach this target. The rules for progressing to each year of study are

  1. Pass all Non-Condonable* modules; AND
  2. Pass at least 90 Credits; AND
  3. Attain marks in the Condonable Range in no more than 30 Credits; AND
  4. Achieve a credit-weighted mean of at least 40.00% across 120 Credits.

Failure to meet the progression rules above means that you cannot continue to the next year of study.

If you fail one or more modules that fail may be condoned, and a resit is not required.  There is limit to the number of condoned module credits you are allowed, both in a given year (30 credits) and over the course of your degree.  If a module cannot be condoned, you will be offered a second attempt at the assessment, either a Resit in the Late Summer Assessment period or a Repeat in the following academic session. The marks for modules successfully completed at the second attempt will be capped at the Pass Mark - 40% for modules at Levels 4, 5 and 6 and 50% for modules at Level 7. You are permitted a maximum of two attempts at any given assessment and the attempt number will be displayed on your final transcript.

You may only retake modules you have failed. It is not possible to retake a module you have passed in the hope of getting a better result.

If you want to study abroad in Year 3, you need to have obtained an average of 60% or above in all of your first year courses and passed all of your first and second year modules. Students who enrolled from 2017 onwards will also be required to obtain a 2:1 average in their second year to be permitted to study abroad. Further information on the regulations to study abroad can be found here.

In order to progress to your final year from your year abroad, you must be complete in 360 credits, that is, all modules taken at UCL plus the BASC0027 Shell Units and BASC0035 BASc Study Abroad Project or BASC0013 BASc Study Abroad Dissertation and have passed 330 credits in total.