Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Switching modules

We know that students may wish to switch modules. If you want to change within the first two weeks of teaching in term 1, please contact Angela Vaughn or Cristy Meadows at basc-office@ucl.ac.uk who will check availability for you. The final deadlines for switching modules are:

Term 1 module for another term 1 module                   Friday 12 October

Term 1 module for a term 2 module                             Friday 26 October

Term 2 module for a term 2 module                             Wednesday 5 December*

*Please note the change to the deadline for term 2 modules. The change means there is no longer an opportunity to switch a module at the start of term 2, so once the December deadline has passed, your selections for term 2 are fixed and can only be amended in exceptional cases.

Late request to switch a term 2 module

Following changes to module registration deadlines, your term 2 choices are fixed before the end of term 1. In exceptional cases, we will authorise a change to a term 2 module in the first two weeks of teaching, i.e. before Friday 18 January, under one of the following circumstances:

  1. You have discovered a timetable clash because of a late change to the timetable.
  2. The module content differs greatly from the online course description.
  3. For finalists only: the content of the new module fits better with your dissertation topic.

In all of the circumstances above, late changes will only be permitted if there is space on the module you want to switch to. If you meet this criteria, you will need to complete a ‘Term 2 Module Change Request’ form and submit it to your Personal Tutor and basc-office@ucl.ac.uk for approval and processing.

Until you have been informed that your request to change your term 2 module has been confirmed, you must continue attending and engaging with the term 2 module you’re already enrolled on.

Switching from a term 1 module to a term 2 module

If you want to switch from a term 1 module to a module taught in term 2, you have until Friday 26 October 2018 to request this. It will depend on availability and some departments will not consider requests to switch to a term 2 module until the December deadline.

If you request a change after this date, we need to seek approval from both the Departmental Tutor and the Faculty Tutor. Final approval will normally only be given by the Faculty Tutor if a student has suffered from extenuating circumstances which have affected their ability to study a module. Not liking the module / it being harder than expected / you don't think you'll perform well in the assessment are NOT grounds for requesting a switch to a term 2 course.

Full information on the policy for switching from a term 1 to a term 2 course can be found by logging into the Faculty Office intranet.

If you request a change from a term 1 to a term 2 module, you must continue studying the original module, including the submission of any required work, while your request is under consideration in case your request is unsuccessful.