Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Language Rules

All BASc students study a 15 credit module in a modern foreign language each year as part of the BASc Core and are required to pass a minimum of Level 6 (CLIE Level C) to be awarded a BASc Arts and Sciences / BASc Arts and Sciences with Study Abroad degree. Language provision is taught by the Centre for Languages and International Education (CLIE), except for Russian and East European languages which are taught by the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES).

Language Rules

  • In, or before, their final year, students should meet the prerequisites for, and take, a modern language course which is at a minimum of UCL Level 6 (CLIE Level C).
  • You will only be permitted to change your language under one of the following rules:
    • You began a new language in your first year (Level 4) and want to change in your second year to a new language. The new language must be at a minimum of CLIE Level 2 (B) (UCL Level 5). Any change must be approved by the Chair of the BASc Exam Board, Prof Steve Price, and CLIE via a satisfactory language assessment at the start of your second year.
    • You have passed a course at CLIE Level 4 (D) in the original language and switch to a new language at a minimum of CLIE Level 2 (B) (UCL Level 5).
  • Students registered on the Study Abroad degree are required to register for a language module at least two levels higher when they return for their final year. For example, if you end your second year having passed level 2 (B), the minimum level for which you will register on your return will be level 4 (D).
  • Students are not permitted to take modules at UCL Level 4 in any subject in their final year; this includes CLIE Level 4 language modules.
  • Your CLIE language tutor is the first person to contact if you have any questions about your course. Each tutor has an office hour when they are available to answer any queries relating to the course. CLIE language tutors are also available to advise specifically on self-study.
  • Each language has a senior CLIE Coordinator whom you may contact. Details of each senior Coordinator can be found here.
  • Students should also refer to the Language and TEFL Course Units 2018-19 booklet for information on assessment requirements.
  • For course administration (including changing to another class group), please contact the CLIE Modules Office. If you have any questions about your course level you should go to the Course Units Office before Reading Week in term 1 (Friday 2 November 2018). Requests to change your language level will not be considered after this date.
  • You can also raise “concerns” about your languages to your BASc-CLIE SSCC language representative for discussion at a BASc-CLIE SSCC meeting.

Language Progression

If you fail your language course (UCL pass mark = 40), you will continue with the next level of language in the following academic year but you must also resit / complete the failed language course during the Late Summer Assessment period.