Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Failing a module

The Programme Summary describes the modules you must pass in order to achieve your degree. If you fail to meet these requirements the Consequences of Failure regulations in the UCL Academic Manual (Chapter 4, Section 11: Consequences of Failure) apply.

If you fail one or more modules the Board of Examiners may offer you a Reassessment opportunity. Depending on the amount of failure, this may take the form of either a Resit in the Late Summer or a Repeat in the following academic session. The marks for modules successfully completed at the second attempt will be capped at the Pass Mark - 40% for modules at Levels 4, 5 and 6 and 50% for modules at Level 7. You are permitted a maximum of two attempts at any given assessment.

If an assessment has been affected by Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) you may be offered a Deferral i.e. a ‘new first attempt’ or a ‘new second attempt’. If you successfully complete a Deferral of your first attempt, your module marks will not be capped. If you successfully complete a Deferral of your second attempt (i.e. you have ECs on a Resit or Repeat), your module marks will be capped at the Pass Mark (i.e. the existing cap will not be removed).

There are some circumstances in which you will not be offered another attempt:

  • If you are eligible for Condonement your marks will be Condoned and you will not be offered a Resit (however if you have Extenuating Circumstances the Condonement Criteria won’t be applied until all Deferrals are complete).
  • You cannot be reassessed in a passed module (unless you have valid Extenuating Circumstances).