Arts and Sciences (BASc)


BASC0013 Study Abroad Dissertation


  1. Dissertation of 5,000 words in English on a theme related to globalisation and global citizenship - 60%
  2. Short written summary of your Study Abroad dissertation in your Core language - 30%
  3. Five minute vlog in your Core language on an aspect of your studies at your host institution. This should take the form of an oral presentation to camera, not a reading - 10%

The Study Abroad dissertation is a free essay, so a wide range of topics and approaches are acceptable as long as they are related to the key themes of globalisation and global citizenship. In particular, the purpose of the dissertation is to provide you with an opportunity to:

(i) Reflect on your learning and experiences during your study abroad year, and (ii) Consider how these relate (or not) to globalisation and global citizenship.

In addition, to test language acquisition, you will be required to produce in your foreign language:

  1. a short summary of your Study Abroad dissertation, as well as
  2. a vlog on any aspect of your studies at your host institution

The word-count of the summary in the foreign language will be appropriate to the language and the level of language ability of the student and will be advised by CLIE who will also examine the language component of the module. You will be assessed one level up from your most recent CLIE course. For example, if you took Level 2(B) at CLIE before you studied abroad, your Summary and Vlog would be marked at Level 3(C).

All items of assessment must be submitted by the deadline of Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 16.00 GMT.

In addition, you will be required to complete the following tasks (“Shell-Units”):

A. For the UCL Study Abroad Office

  1. Completion of an Arrivals Form (upon arrival).
  2. Completion of a Departure Form (upon departure).
  3. Completion of a Study Abroad evaluation questionnaire.

B. For the BASc Office:

  1. Submission partway through the year of a 400-word written summary in English about your activities (current and planned) at the host institution and country.
  2. At the end of your stay, submission of a complete institutional transcript with all courses completed and passed at the host institution. The number of courses must be in line with the minimum expected by students at the host institution.

The weightings for the Study Abroad degree will be as follows:

Year 1:average of best 3 units, weighted at 11.11%
Year 2:average of best 3.5 units, weighted at 33.33%
Year 3:completion of all Shell-Units and the Study Abroad Dissertation module
Year 4:average of 5 units x 55.56% (i.e. 4 final year units plus Study Abroad Dissertation)