Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Interdisciplinary Elective

A range of interdisciplinary modules are being specially written for Arts and Sciences by many of UCL’s leading academics and researchers. These exciting modules reflect several of UCL’s Grand Challenges. The Grand Challenges are: Human Wellbeing, Intercultural Interaction, Sustainable Cities and Global Health. An understanding in these areas is key to many global careers in business, politics and NGO work, health, creative industries, engineering and technology, as well as future cutting-edge research.

The module titles are:

The modules are designed to build on subject expertise students have learned in the first year of Art and Sciences, whilst encouraging students to apply that learning in an interdisciplinary area.


The over-arching outcome of the Interdisciplinary Electives in year 2 is that students build upon their interdisciplinary thinking and learn to see how significant problems are best tackled with an interdisciplinary approach. This outcome is achieved by students selecting an interdisciplinary elective closest to their interests and to using subject-specific skills learnt in year 1 to develop their interdisciplinary learning.

Eight modules are offered (approx. two per major Pathway); therefore specific outcomes will vary depending on the module selected by the student.