Arts and Sciences (BASc)


Science, Art and Co-Design

Lecturer:Kat Austen
Module code:BASC0019 (not running in 2019/20)
Most suitable for:Health and Environment, Sciences and Engineering and Societies
Mode of assessment:1 page reflective report (30%), Final project (40%), Final Exhibition (20%) and participation and commitment (10%)
Taught:Term 2 of Year 2
Lecture: 2-3pm on Tuesday
Seminar: 4-6pm on Tuesday
Workshops: 2-6pm on Wednesday (the teaching on Wednesday afternoons will take place off-campus at NewVIc)
Tutorials: 10-11am on Wednesday or 11am-12pm on Wednesday or 12-1pm on Wednesday
Module level:Level 5
Credit value:15 credits

This course will introduce the students to the realms of citizen science, DIY science and community co-design as means to garner and understand the meaning and value of multiple knowledges. The thematic focus of the course will be food, as a topic that touches everyone and has multiple meanings and modes by which we can understand it.

The course starts with introductory lectures into the principles and philosophy of citizen science, an introduction to DIY chemical analysis techniques and their methods of development, critical and co-design methods, an introduction to multiple knowledge and the socio-politics of changing modes of producing knowledge. In the second part of the course, students will use practice based methods to gain personal insights into these topics.

We will work in collaboration with a community of students from NewVIc [http://newvic.ac.uk]. In a series of workshops held at NewVIc, UCL students will take the lead in disseminating DIY science methods within the community, and will explore with the community ways to gain knowledge about food, and its meanings to us. These explorations will draw on a variety of perspectives including scientific analysis, direct experience and cultural attitudes. Students will then co-design with the community food experiences that draw on these multiple knowledges.

Students enrolled on the module can view more information on Moodle

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