The Bartlett


Who we are

Our schools operate at the leading edge of a number of distinct fields – from architecture, planning and spatial analysis to energy, project management and development in the global south.

Together, they offer a network for collaboration and a way of looking at issues and challenges that is unique in built environment education and research.

The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis is one of the leading forces in the science of cities, drawing on computer-based visualization and modelling to generate new insights for use in city planning, policy and design.

The Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the world's most exciting architecture schools, whose name stands for provocative ideas, boundary-pushing research and high-achieving lecturers and students.

The Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management is an international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management and economics.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit helps to build the capacity of local and national governments, agencies and businesses working towards socially just and sustainable development in the global south. 

The Bartlett School of Planning has been teaching and investigating the form, planning, design and management of cities for a century. Its programmes and research are among the most sought-after in the field. 

The UCL Energy Institute (UCL-Energy) blends expertise from across UCL to deliver world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. 

The UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering (UCL-IEDE) pursues a deeper understanding of the part played by choices relating to buildings and the urban environment in tackling some of the greatest challenges facing mankind, in areas such as health, human well-being, productivity, energy use and climate change.

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage (UCL-ISH) delivers sustainable solutions to real world problems concerning cultural heritage, working with external partners on ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary research and innovative teaching for future heritage leaders.

The UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (UCL ISR) generates knowledge in the globally sustainable use of natural resources and brings together experts from across UCL to train future leaders of this field.

The UCL Institute for Global Prosperity (UCL IGP) aims to transform how we make decisions, the kinds of evidence and reasoning on which our decisions are based, and the cultural, legal and policy tools we have at our disposal.

The UCL Institute for Digital Innovation functions at the cutting edge of future trends. Its work draws together expertise in engineering and computer science with social and behavioural science insight.

The Bartlett Real Estate Institute (BREI) is a new institute that is rethinking the traditional view of real estate and the ways in which it is valued globally.

The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) provides radical thinking about public policy driven by public purpose. It systematically rethinks how public value is created, nurtured and evaluated.