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Sustainable, circular and resource-efficient economies and societies

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What we do

Understanding the sustainability of global flows of resources is at the core of what we do at UCL ISR. Transforming current linear systems of resource consumption into more circular ones is a required step in the transition towards low carbon and circular economies. This requires critical understanding of areas of inefficient use of resources, with national, regional and sectoral detail, and identification of opportunities for increasing circularity. UCL ISR research contributes to generate analytical capacity to:

  1. Map and model global flows of resources
  2. Create global databases and analytical frameworks for the understanding of the sustainability implications of current resource trends
  3. Define policy mixes for the transition to sustainable, circular and resource-efficient economies and societies.

Our work

Postgraduate Education 

MSc Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions 

This degree equips students with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in a field that is increasingly critical to business, policymakers and civil society at the global and local levels. 

Research activities 

Feasibility study for the creation of an EU level platform for Circular Economy (DG GROW) 

This study provides an overview of the market potential for industrial symbiosis in Europe, with a detailed mapping of the major industrial symbiosis networks and policy mixes for promotion of IS initiatives.


H2020/JPI- UK ESRC: ‘Cities of Making’ 

Cities of Making (CoM) explores the future of sustainable urban based manufacturing in European cities in terms of technology, resources, place and application and discusses its potential role in helping to address circularity of cities. The project brings together a dynamic, multidisciplinary team from Brussels (BECI, Latitude, ULB and the VUB), London (UCL and the RSA) and Rotterdam (TU Delft) 



UKRI Designing out Plastic Waste 

UCL ISR is one of the members of the Plastic Waste Hub, which is a multidisciplinary centre for designing integrated solutions towards increasing the circularity of plastics and addressing the issue of plastic waste. With initial funding from UKRI, the plastic hub was one of the 8 projects funded to increase the circularity of plastics in the UK. UCL ISR has developed state of the art material flow analysis of plastics in the UK.


UKRI Circular Economy Centre on Construction Minerals 

The UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials aims to do more with less mineral-based construction materials, to reduce costs to industry, reduce waste and pollution, and benefit the natural environment that we depend on. 


The Interdisciplinary Centre for CircularMetal

The UKRI Centre for Circular Metals, led by Brunel University London, aims to make the UK the first country to fully circulate metals by 2050.



Teresa Domenech
Senior Teaching Fellow
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Carole Dalin
NERC Research Fellow
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Alison Fairbrass
Research Associate
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Oliver Broad  
Senior Research Fellow
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Paul Ekins 
Professor in Resources & Environment Policy
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Raimund Bleischwitz
Chair in Sustainable Global Resources
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Daniel Scamman
Senior Research Associate in Hydrogen Systems Policy
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Lorenzo Lotti
Principal Teaching Fellow in Economics of Energy and the Environment
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Michal Miedzinski
Senior Research Associate in Eco-Innovation and Policies
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Maria Rosa De Giacomo
Marie Curie Fellow
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Catherine Willan
Teaching Fellow
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Alvaro Calzadilla Rivera
Senior Lecturer in Macro-economic Modelling for a Green Economy
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Xavier Lemaire
Senior Research Associate 
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