UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Sustainable Resources MPhil/PhD

Work in the area of sustainable use of natural resources alongside experienced researchers in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment.

About the programme

Research degrees prove the capacity to organise, carry out and write up a substantial piece of research, presented in a thesis that shows academic rigour and originality.

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The main and final product of this programme is the thesis, and your result rests on the examination of this.

At the end of your studies, you’ll be awarded a PhD in Sustainable Resources with one or more of the following sub-categories:
  • Sustainable Water Use, Sustainable Mineral Use, Sustainable Marine Use, Sustainable Biomass Use, Sustainable Energy Use.
  • Economics, Engineering, Environment, Human Dimensions, Modelling, Policy.

UCL ISR has a large PhD cohort with the majority working on collaborative projects measuring regional progress towards or away from environmental sustainability.

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